With Father’s Day right around the corner, we thought it would be a great idea to put Dad first and create an article to help make his day stand out. And what better way to do that than with ice cream? Now before we get started, this idea actually came from the website Epicurious.com and if you haven’t checked them out before you really should. Now as we were saying, the best way to celebrate dad is with an obscene amount of ice cream. After all, how many men in your life do you know that don’t enjoy ice cream?

Bowls Vs Cones

While an ice cream cone is nice, it doesn’t exactly sound like a way to spoil dad. That’s why we prefer having our ice cream in a bowl. It allows you to do the extra things like loading a ton of toppings or loading your sundae with ice cream that a cone could only dream of handling. Plus if you’ve ever had ice cream on your birthday than you know that you’re not putting an ice cream cake in a cone. The same thing applies for Father’s day.

Keeping The Crunch

Now that we’ve decided on using bowls, we still want to keep the crunch that a cone brings to our dessert. The best way of doing this is with toppings. You can use anything in this step but some of our favorites include vanilla wafers, Oreos, nuts, and even pretzels if you want a sweet and salty mix. If you want a blizzard type dessert you can also top some candy such as Reese’s or Kit-Kat’s and put them in a bag. Use a rolling pin or food processor and chop them up fine.

Flavor of the Month

Did you know that men are more likely to prefer strawberry ice cream over chocolate? It’s a bit surprising but considering that my own Dad likes strawberry ice cream, I’m going to consider this highly possible.

Time to Party

This last part is optional but since it’s a party, it might not be a bad idea. Adding a little beer, or having some alcohol infused ice cream is always a unique twist. But with saying that, we also remind you to drink responsibly.

Wrapping Up

Father’s day is an important day to say thank you for the dad’s in your life. We hope that adding a little ice cream to the day makes it that much more special. Happy Fathers Day from all of us at Froyo Gelato Supplies.