As companies continue stocking up on ice cream cups and ice cream spoons from Froyo Gelato Supplies, we started thinking about how much people love ice cream. More importantly, we started wondering where all of these ice cream lovers come from. Below we break down some interesting stats we found and learn who really screams for ice cream.

The Big Picture

The first thing we wanted to do is find out which country loves ice cream the most. As an American owned and operated company we had high hopes. Sadly though, we learned the United States took second place when it comes to consumers of ice cream. So who came in first place? Maybe it was our neighbors up north such as Canada. Or maybe Italy stole the show with their delicious ice cream treats. It turns out the winner was actually Australia who consumption per capita was 17.7 according to Maps of the World. In comparison the United States scored a 13.7 and Canada a 9.1.

The States That Love Ice Cream

We did a lot of research on this topic (while eating ice cream of course) and found a few different answers on which states consume ice cream the most. After going back and forth, we found that a few states just continued to show up time and time again. The first on our list is Texas. We actually thought Texas might be the biggest consumers of ice cream considering how hot it can get there. Turns out they are at the bottom of most Top 10 lists. Still, everything is bigger in Texas and we are sure that the saying goes especially true for ice cream.

Next on our list is Wisconsin. We know how much they love cheese but it seems dairy as a whole is high on their list. Speaking of Wisconsin, did you know that the sundae was first served there back in 1881? In fact ice cream sundaes were only sold on Sundays. Sounds like a future blog post if you ask us! Next we have the District of Columbia, a place that most people probably wouldn’t think of when it comes to ice cream. Of course those knowledgeable about the history of ice cream might think differently. That’s because they were the first state to have a soft-serve ice cream machine. In fact they were the first place in the world to have one. Pretty impressive if you ask us.  Finally on our list is Alaska. Alaska is a state that proves that the cold can’t stop people from enjoying ice cream and having a good time.  Then again, with all of their frozen dairy based desserts we really shouldn’t have been surprised.

Wrapping Up

So how did you like our list? Were you surprised about anything we mentioned? Let us know in the comment section below or make sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter. We are always posting about our deals on Ice Cream Supplies or when a new blog post is up.