Color Changing Spoons Explained

by Nov 12, 2020Fun

Color changing spoons are one of the more popular items found at Froyo Gelato Supplies. Customers of all ages can appreciate the cool effect of having their spoon go from one color to another and kids will be amazed.  Your customers will also be able to appreciate the extra attention to detail and think that you spent extra to provide them with spoons like these. While secretly you’ll know that you actually saved money by ordering from us.

Bottom line, these spoons are awesome. But have you ever wondered how they work? Today we investigate the basic science behind color changing spoons and how it works.


Have you ever heard the term thermochromic? If not that’s ok, most people haven’t. The word comes from the Greek words thermos = mean, chroma = color.  Thermochromic represents materials that signal temperature change by changing colors. In the case of color changing materials, they can be found in a variety of objects such as mood rings, battery testers, coffee cups and yes, color changing spoons. But the science behind this goes beyond just changing colors. It turns out many materials react in one way or another. Thermometers measures temperatures precisely using metals that expand when they’re heating and contract when they’re cooled.

In the case of color changing spoons however we want to look at temperature sensitive dyes known as leucodyes, which start off as a particular color and become visible when the temperature rises or falls.Leucodyes are organic chemicals that change color when energy makes their molecules shift back and forth. Based on if the temperature is hot or cold will determine how these molecules reflect light and thus present different colors.

So as magical as these spoons appear, we are afraid there is no magic to it. Simply science which allows us to have these awesome spoons that everyone can enjoy. For business you can order yours by clicking here.

Photo Credit: The Daily City and @itsstephdamato