Frozen treats are cherished and celebrated around the world.  Some of us grew up with only one kind of ice cream (made with heavy cream), but there is another version that has been trending over the last decade or so: frozen yogurt.  It is seen as a healthier alternative, but is that really the case?  We know healthiness of meals and desserts can rely heavily on how it is prepared and where it’s bought, so let’s take a closer look to see how these two compare, overall.

Frozen Yogurt Vs Ice Cream?

The difference between ice cream and frozen yogurt lies in the way they are made.  Ice cream contains at least 10% milk fat, while frozen yogurt is made without.  This fact alone makes ice cream more fattening, by definition, but frozen yogurt can still be made unhealthy through the introduction of additional ingredients and sugar.  Also, it is worth noting that frozen yogurt isn’t like normal yogurt, it does not contain most of the healthy probiotics while frozen.

The average cup of vanilla ice cream has about 50 more calories, 10 more grams of fat, and 5 more grams of saturated fat than frozen yogurt of the same size.  Where they really start to widen on health choices is how these two are sold.

Fro-Yo for Diets

Not everyone has the same dietary needs, but for frozen yogurts, it is open to a wider customer base, thanks to it being low in lactose and low in fat.  There are lactose-free versions of ice cream, however, and low-fat options, but frozen yogurt has varieties that ice cream does not: no-fat and low-sugar.

Now, on the flip-side, some people prefer the creaminess and texture of ice cream to frozen yogurt, and the added fat is needed for their diet to be balanced.  This isn’t a common scenario, but nonetheless worth mentioning.

Healthy Desserts

A person eating a fro-yo with caramel, sprinkles, on a chocolate-dipped waffle cone may not be making the most health-conscious decision.  You could very easily exceed the calories, fat, and sugar in ice cream, depending on how you eat your frozen yogurt.  Because it isn’t as rich as ice cream, many people love to add toppings to frozen yogurt.  It is also more likely that someone will increase their portion size while eating frozen yogurt because of the health label attached to it.

Watch your portion sizes and read the labels on either frozen treat you decide on to eat healthy.