Think about some of inventions that we use every single day. What did you come up with? Perhaps you said the television or computer. Others might have said the wheel. But how many of you said the spoon? Without spoons we wouldn’t be able to enjoy gelato, frozen yogurt, ice cream, or any of these other amazing foods. We take advantage of these inventions every day. But have you ever stopped and asked yourself who invented the spoon? It turns out, the history of the spoon is more interesting than you may think.

Spoon Like An Egyptian

Spoons are one of the oldest utensils that the planet has ever known. Unfortunately there is no definitive time period that the spoon was invented.  Archaeological evidence seems to tell us that spoons with handles were used all the way back to 1000 B.C. These Egyptian spoons were made out of different materials including slate, wood, flint and ivory. They were often covered in decorations and hieroglyphics. They weren’t used for eating though, but instead were used for religious purposes.

Spoons Meant For Food

Through the middle ages spoons began to be used to feed both humans and animals. However this wasn’t something that everyone could buy at the dollar store like we can today. Back then, spoons were made of bronze and silver and were used only among the wealthy. Eventually spoons would become more low cost and be created using common materials such as wood.

Since then, spoons have continued to be a tool found on tables across the world. They come in a wide array of variations, including special spoons for soup and caviar. The design of the spoon changed throughout a variety of time periods before finally receiving its current mostly standard look around the 18th century.

Types of Spoons

As we just mentioned there are a variety of different spoons today. Ice cream and frozen yogurt spoons can be found and bought right on our website. Great for ice cream parlors and gelato shops. Other types of spoons include iced tea spoons for stirring sugar and sweetener in your drinks. Fruit spoons have jagged edges to make it easy to carve out chunks of fruit for a tasty treat. And finally caviar spoons have the kind of fancy you’d expect them too. These spoons are typically made from gold, wood or even pearl.