How To Start A Frozen Yogurt Shop

by May 18, 2020Business, Frozen Yogurt

So you are thinking of starting your own frozen yogurt business? It’s a wise decision to make and one that could change your fortunes forever.  That’s because frozen yogurt has seen high-growth and high-margins over the last few years. According to Menchies Franchise, the frozen yogurt industry from 2011 to 2013 saw a 74% growth and showed huge possibilities in terms of earnings. But in order to be successful you must start from the ground up. You need to come up with a master strategy to set the ground work of your business. The master strategy is how you will determine what your business represents and how you plan on turning your idea into a reality. It can include everything from business location to equipment. It is important for the owner of any business, such as a frozen yogurt shop, to leave no stone unturned in their quest of establishing a successful business.

The first step towards achieving your goal of opening a frozen yogurt business is to have a focused business plan. The owner or owners should decide on if they are going to have a self-service store with yogurt machines containing various flavors, around the shop. Or having a behind the counter yogurt machines. In the former, customers fill the cup and then pay as per its weight. While in the latter prices are fixed per size of the cup. Both options have their own pros and cons, and really come down to the type of business you want to run. Franchise Help states that 69% of sores are self-service and that there has been a major shift towards this type of business model.  Of course, just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to.

Once you decide the type of business you’re going to have, you should then decide the variety of flavors to be offered.  This decision would require a detailed survey and therefore is dependent on the popularity and sales of flavors available in other frozen yogurt shops. Some business might want to stick with the basics. Others might want to include unique or unusual flavors. Don’t forget the healthier flavors too.  Frozen yogurt contains probiotics that help boost the immune system and many consider it a healthier alternative than going to an ice cream shop.

Once the business plan is complete, you must then decide on the crucial choice of finding the perfect and easy to access location. It should be made by keeping the budget, the traffic of customers and presence of competitors, in mind. Perhaps you want your business to be in a large city. The cost of rent and other utilities might be more expensive, but the population will certainly be larger. Or perhaps you want to stay away from the city and go someplace more local. If you are within driving distance of a major area, and your business begins to pick up, customers will gladly drive to pay you a visit. But that also means getting the word out about your new frozen yogurt shop and convincing people to check you out.

Finally it’s important to purchase your frozen yogurt supplies and equipment. Now this might seem like a cheap plug, but we highly recommend ourselves. As a new business owner you’re probably saving as much money you can and making every dollar count. Luckily Froyo Gelato Supplies provides everything from Cups, Spoons, Containers and so much more. We not only stay competitive with other frozen yogurt supply stores, but we often beat them in terms of affordability, quality of product, and customer service.  We can also imprint your company logo or name on the supplies alongside successfully completing and supplying any order size depending on your shop requirements. 

Opening up your own frozen yogurt shop is a major step. But the fact that you are on this website, researching information is a huge first step and an important one. Learn as much as you can but also believe in yourself and go with your gut. We are confident that you’ll be successful and hope to assist you in any way we can with your new business!