Every month Froyo Gelato Supplies comes out with a new article. This time of year those articles are focused on being healthy while still enjoying your frozen yogurt and ice cream. However let’s be honest with ourselves and admit that many of us have already broken our new year’s resolutions.  Some lasted a day; others made it for an entire week. But ice cream tastes too good to pass up on. That’s why we are shaking things up for this month’s blog article and discussing a video we found on the Youtube channel: Hellthy Junkfood.

If you aren’t familiar with this channel you owe it to yourself to check them out. They provide some pretty entertaining videos and sometimes go to the extreme with their food making.  The video we will be discussing today is how to make an Ice Cream Dessert Pizza:


Your first thought might be that this is a bad idea. But then you remember that you love ice cream and you also love pizza. The combination doesn’t sound so bad after all does it? No worries though, because we aren’t actually combining pizza and ice cream together. Instead we are going to use the following ingredients:

  • 2 Pound Tub Of Cookie Dough
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Strawberry Sauce
  • White Chocolate
  • Fruit Rollups

We aren’t going to give you step by step instructions because we want you to check out the video. However here are the basics: Take the 2 pounds of cookie dough and roll it out onto a pizza tray. You don’t need to get too fancy but you’ll want to use enough to cover it up. Once you giant cookie is baked you’ll then want to apply vanilla ice cream on top, followed by strawberry sauce. We are using these two items to create our “pizza sauce”.  Once completed, you will then want to grate some white chocolate to give us a “cheese”.  Spread the white chocolate across the strawberry ice cream and your pizza is almost finished. Finally you can take some fruit rollups and cut them into circles. This is our pepperoni and it tastes better than you think.  After everything is added you’ll put your ice cream pizza into the freeze to chill.

While we haven’t tried this pizza out ourselves, it did make us hungry watching the video. We encourage you to try it for yourselves and if you do, send us some photos!  We hope you enjoyed this article and gave you a reason to cheat on your new year’s resolutions.