Everyone has a favorite ice cream flavor. Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry are the most common. But did you know that your favorite flavor can say a lot about who you are and the personality you have? Take the short 5 question quiz below to find out more about your ice cream personality.

Do you prefer to:

A.) Be alone.
B.) Be with your best friend.
C.) Be with your family.

At a birthday party are you:

A.) A wallflower.
B.) The center of attention.
C.) Happy making the rounds talking with everyone.

Would you say that you are:

A.) Opinionated.
B.) Dramatic.
C.) Impulsive

If you forgot to do your work would you feel:

A.) Guilty.
B.) No problem, easy come, easy go!
C.) Really mad, you set high expectations for yourself.

You are walking down the hall and someone trips and falls spilling their books everywhere. Do you:

A.) Stop and ask if they are alright, helping to pick up their books.
B.) Laugh out loud as you are walking by.
C.) Giggle on the inside on the way to class.

What Flavor Personality Are You?


If you answered mostly a’s then you are a “Strawberry” ice cream personality: You are a thoughtful, logical, and detail-oriented person who weights each option before making a decision. You are comfortable with being a follower as opposed to a leader. Although you may be shy and slow to make friends, once you commit to a friendship you are loyal and supportive! If you are a sports lover than there is only one sport for you and you’ll stick with it regardless if you’re good at it or not!

If you answered mostly b’s then you are a “Chocolate” ice cream personality: Chocolate lovers are lively, creative, dramatic and charming. Chocolate fans enjoy being the life of the party and center of attention. You have many friends and value close friendships with others. For chocolate sports fans, you are a lover of all sports and play as many as you can.

If you answered mostly c’s then you are a “Vanilla” ice cream personality: If you like Vanilla then you are a risk taker. Someone who is colorful, impulsive, and sets high goals for themselves. Vanilla fans enjoy close family relationships more than having a large following or group of friends. You live a hectic, busy life and love to be catered to and like the finer things in life. A sportsy Vanilla fan plays and loves only the sport or sports which they are best at.

Quiz Credit to Great Wolf Lodge