Ice Cream Is Trending

by Jun 8, 2021Ice Cream

Everyone loves dessert; in fact over 85% of consumers eat dessert on any given week. These desserts include cookies, cakes, pies, and of course ice cream.  According to a test by Smart Brief, 1 out of 3 consumers say that the ice cream they consume has either greatly or slightly increased in the last year. That is more consumption than any other dessert with similar tests.

So while you might not be thinking about ice cream now during these cold months, soon it might be the only thing on your mind. And for shops that have been ordering our ice cream spoons, cups, and containers as they prepare for the summer. They understand how much their customers love ice cream.

New Trends

One of the things people love about ice cream is that you can have it in a variety of ways. Having your Ice cream on a cone, in a bowl or milkshake are some of the most common. But we’ve seen new types of trends popping up all throughout the states. In New York a pastry chef named Dominique Ansel invented the Cronut which is a sweet corn-flavored ice cream served on grilled corn.  Next you have the donut ice cream cone which is a modern take on a Slovak dessert that got a lot of people’s interest on Instagram. Finally don’t forget the bubble waffle ice cream cones that we’ve seen popping up all over New York, Chicago and in Toronto.  Now if you’ve never heard of these people you should really check them out. It’s awesome the different ways that ice cream shops are bringing customers to their location and we’ve had the honor of providing ice cream supplies to some of these locations.

Old Trends

But as cool as those ice cream trends are (pun intended), consumers still love the classics. Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are consumers favorite flavors while hot fudge, caramel sauce, and whip cream are the toppings that are most enjoyed. We believe this is because ice cream is a comfort food and when people need a pick-me-up dessert such as ice cream they want to go with something they remember and enjoy.

Luckily there is no wrong answer when it comes to ice cream. Regardless of the flavor, style, or toppings you put on your ice cream you’ll be sure to enjoy each spoonful. And for ice cream owners you’ll be thankful that these consumers will keep coming back for more each season.