Sell Ice Cream Vouchers?

by Oct 23, 2020Business

A German artisanal ice cream parlor is asking customers to buy coupons, instead of hoarding toilet paper, to help keep it afloat as the government shut most businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rosa Canina, an organic ice cream maker whose three Berlin stores were shut on Monday, said in notices on its windows that it hoped loyal customers would buy vouchers online to help it bridge the next few weeks. The business has been described as “a culinary Shangri-La for ice cream gourmets” by the Top 10 Berlin website.

“Somehow we will get through this. You buy the ice cream now and then you can eat it in two months,” said co-counder Julia Philipps.

She urged customers to do whatever they could to support their favorite restaurants, and hoped other local businesses would join in selling coupons as well.

Germany is suffering a major economic hit from the coronavirus crisis, with schools shut, more than 6,000 people known to be infected and 13 dead, and a rapid rise in case numbers.

Reporting by Emma Thomasson; Editing by Richard Chang

Our Thoughts: Some ice cream shops have decided to open while many others are hoping to open up by mid to late-April. If your shop is on hold, asking customers to purchase vouchers might be a great idea. It’ll allow you to bring in some income, get ice cream supplies, and prepare for the busy season. All while giving your customers some hope that their favorite ice cream will soon be arriving.