It’s no secret that the winter months can be difficult for some companies. Ice Cream shops in particular struggle with trying to sell delicious – but cold desserts during those unbearable winter months. While some ice cream stands and parlors choose to close during those months, others decide to beat the odds and stay open. On Ask MetaFilter the question was asked: How can an ice cream shop survive winter? Today we are going to highlight some of our favorite answers and break them down into more detail.

1.) Keeping Customers Warm

What is the opposite of selling cold products on warm days?  The answer: selling warm products on cold days.  That’s what one user suggested and it makes a lot of sense. Things like hot coffee and latte’s make sense and considering you already have the trust of customers who love your ice cream, they’ll be sure to give you a shot over at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks for their coffee.  For non-coffee lovers you can also offer hot chocolate with different flavors such as mint. Sticking with the theme of warm liquids, another idea is warm soup. Nothing warms the body like a warm cup of soup and considering how easy it is to make, along with how many different flavors you can offer and your customers will continue to keep coming back for me.

2.) Desserts Are Still King

If your Frozen Yogurt Shop only does desserts, no worries. You can still offer customers all kinds of desserts during those cold months. Warm brownies are always fan favorites, but how about cake? Take advantage of that extra ice cream inventory and create some awesome ice cream cakes. Both kids and adults love buying them for birthday parties and special occasions. Because ice cream cakes are easy to make, you don’t even have to keep your business open year round if you don’t want. You can simply have your customers order ice cream cakes over the phone or on your website and deliver to your customer’s location.

3.) The Hours Are huge

One user brought up an interesting point by mentioning evening hours.  When talking about their local ice cream shop they said, “Part of the secret is their hours – they keep late hours Thursday through Sunday to catch the after-dinner and nightlife crowd. One place stays open till 9 and the other until 10, and damn if people don’t drop in for desserts”. Another user responded with a similar notion which shows that evening hours could make a difference. Especially if you have an area with a lot of kids who will eat ice cream anytime anywhere and would enjoy getting dessert with their friends at night.

Final Thoughts…

So if you are a Frozen Yogurt or Gelato Shop and struggle with winter months, we hope that these ideas help inspire you to give your business an opportunity to thrive during the cold days of winter and see what interest your customer base has. Who knows, you might find something that sticks and helps take your company to the next level.