What Is the Difference Between Gelato and Icecream

by Mar 8, 2021Gelato, Ice Cream

If you are a gelato or ice cream connoisseur, you may tell them apart right away. We are all curious about the difference between gelato and ice cream, even if we love them both. Therefore, we are dedicating this blog to answering this question, and why not, giving them the praise they deserve.

A little History of Gelato

Before we talk about the difference between gelato and ice cream, let us dive into a little history of gelato. Frozen treats have been around for a while, thousands of years back, and they have descended from the upper classes to become a modern-day favorite for almost everyone.

The Carpigiani Gelato Museum, dedicated to understanding the history, culture, and technology of gelato (pretty cool), shares a taste of the exciting origins of this now, science. Here is a snip of it to illustrate the wonderfulness of gelato.

Alchemist Caterina de’ Medici and astrologer Cosimo Ruggieri brought the Florentine Renaissance to France, and with that sorbet. Then, “The architect Bernardo Buontalenti is credited with the egg cream gelato, but Francesco Redi and Lorenzo Magalotti made it famous by singing its praises” — with all due reason — “and describing its ingredients.”

Its global diffusion was all thanks to artificial ice, which helped take it to the streets. “Zoldan, Cadorean, and Friulian gelato artisans spread gelato throughout the world.” Then, an Italian developed the cone, and other numerous innovations by gelato artisans emerged.

Up to this day, after uniting to survive against industrial ice cream production, gelato artisans are still producing it with new technologies and safer ways to create it and consume it. Props to them!

Is There ANY Difference?

You may suspect, like many, that the difference between gelato and ice cream probably isn’t that much. Gelato is, in fact, the Italian word for ice cream. It’s like they are long-distance cousins, being slightly similar but still different, which adds richness to the world of frozen treats. Excellent news for all tastes and preferences!

Let’s break down their ingredients and procedure to spot the exact difference between gelato and ice cream:

Ice cream

Four simple ingredients converge to form this refreshing frozen dessert: milk, cream, sugar, and sometimes, egg yolks (optional). After combining them, it’s cooked to form a custard, which is the ice cream base. Once cooled, it is whipped at high speed to incorporate air.


Milk, cream, and sugar again? Gelato isn’t precisely ice cream 2.0. It has its character! It is made with the same ingredients as ice cream, excluding egg yolks, but it contains more milk and less cream (or none) and sugar. Once formed, the base is whipped at a much lower speed to incorporate less air and make it denser.

Which Is Best?

There is no need to put gelato and ice cream up for a debate. Both are delicious classics. If you are someone who wants a smooth, creamy, light-textured, and icy dessert, you may prefer ice cream (Also, if you eat slowly, as it doesn’t melt too fast). On the other hand, if you like a silky soft texture, then you will find gelato the perfect choice. Or just like us, you may love both, even when there is a difference between gelato and ice cream!

Now that we have wrapped up this blog, we hope you can continue enjoying these creations. If you liked the content, make sure to stay tuned for more on our page. You can also find the best gelato and ice cream supplies right here at Froyo Gelato Supplies!